Select Class and Subject for Animated Slides

Frequently asked Questions

1. How do these animated slides work?

a. Complete syllabus is covered for Boards, JEE Mains & Advanced, NEET, BITSAT, NTSE & Olympiads..

b. Concepts are built in a Systematic method with Animation.

c. Keep clicking (or) use right arrow on the keyboard for the next content.

d. Press “F” key to view in full screen.

e. Study at your own Pace visually and there is no Voice over

f. Teachers can use this slides effectively in the classroom, with their own explanation.

2. Does it work in Mobiles?

Yes, keep swiping from right to left

Rotate the mobile for Full screen.

3. Can teachers use these slides in their classrooms?

a. Yes, Class will be very effective with these slides.

b. Saves lot of time and efforts of the teachers.

c. Don’t miss a single concept.

d. Adiclasses makes sure that these slides are free to use in the classroom by teachers.

e. Helps in faster revision.

f. Also works well in Online Classes.

4. How do these animated slides help students?

a. Learning the subject through these animated visuals is easy, fun & effective.

b. Concepts are being built in systematic and scientific method.

c. Request your teacher to teach using these slides.

d. Revision is easy and faster.