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Frequently asked Questions

1. How to download the Material

Select class, subject and then chapter. There may be multiple slides in a chapter. This is done to reduce the size of the PDFs.

2. Are the Materials/ Content is Completely Uploaded?

We continuously make new Material while updating the existing slides. Check the page regularly.

3. Is the Material/ Content useful for IIT/ NEET & Other Competitive Exams?

We have covered basic concepts Clearly & Comprehensively. These should be first step while Teaching/ Preparing for Competitive Exams. These slides are excellent source for your Board Preparation. These Slides cover 100% Syllabus(CBSE). For Teaching/ Preparation for IITJEE & NEET, we have prepared high standard animated Slides. (Click Here: Animations).

4. How and where one can use this Material?

Teachers: Conduct best live online class in any platform (Upload the file. For best Platform visit Live Class). Can be used in a regular(offline) class using a projector.

Students: Easy to understand the subject. Best for self study. Works as perfect notes. No pressure to take notes while attending a class. Proper Visualization of Concepts.

Institutes: Easy to conduct the programs both online & offline. Faster Coverage of syllabus. Easy Monitoring of the Classes. Can use in any live classroom platform.(Best Online Platform: Live Class)

5. What are the advantages of these slides?

a. Free to download and use in any platform

b. Easy to Explain/ Understand the subject

c. Students save time by not taking notes in the class

d. Faster completion of the syllabus

e. Easy to revise for both Teachers (in the class) & Students (at home)

f. Ease & clarity of the concepts

g. Self study for the students

6. Should I download all the chapters and keep it with me?

Upto you! We regularly update the content. Best thing is download the latest slides whenever you want.

7. How to contact your team for any queries or suggestions

Whatsapp +91 93910 36325